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Dogs & Cats for Adoption

We’ve got a variety of animals waiting for their happy ever after. Meet them below.

Meet Loki, our handsome 1 year, 5 months Terrier cross who is now ready to find his forever home!


After spending time in a foster home and at our centre, we have found Loki to be a very friendly, loving and happy boy who loves fuss, cuddles and adventures.


He walks nicely on the lead, enjoys doing agility and also loves playing with his tennis balls! All of which can be great ways for new owners to build a trusting relationship with him.


Loki isn’t keen on being left alone however since being in a foster home, he can now be crated for short periods, he also enjoys his crate as it is his safe place.


We believe Loki needs an active home with no other pets and adults only. New owners would need to continue his positive reward based training to help him grow.


To apply, please send in a completed Perfect Match Form to



Meet Biscuit (female), Cayde (male) and Emori (female). These three are ready to find their forever homes! They are around 8 weeks old.

These kittens are not only adorable but also well socialized as they have been hand reared. If you’re looking for a bundle of love and joy, Biscuit, Cayde and Emori could be the perfect addition to your home!

If youre looking for a bundle of joy, laughter and companionship then these playful kittens are right for you.

They can be rehomed with other friendly pets and children of any age.

If you are interested, please send a completed perfect match form to


Introducing the purrfect retirement companion! Meet our seasoned lady Charlie who is a sweet old lady around 10 years old.

Charlie may be a little shy at first, once she warms up to you, you’ll discover a gentle soul who’s just waiting for a quiet lap to call her own. She relaxes by snuggling in her bed seemingly content in her own company.

Due to her age Charlie would be more suited with a mature family with cat savvy children of high school age where she can live a peaceful life with all the attention she so clearly deserves.

Charlie can live with another friendly and laidback cat who won't push her or want to play with her but she isn’t a fan of the canine crowd so no dogs.

If you can offer Charlie the lovely retirement home she deserves then please send in a completed perfect match form to

Connie - RESERVED 

Meet Connie! Our friendly and affectionate Doberman who is now looking for her forever home!

Connie loves human interaction and contact. She enjoys being with you and will happily sit by your side and will also bond with you quickly. She has been meeting, greeting and walking with new people and is loving the fuss.

She is an active dog and will need ample walking, play time and mental stimulation. She is intelligent, obedient and eager to please, and is learning basic commands with consistent and positive training methods and is very receptive.

Connie is looking for an active household with someone who is around a lot of the day, someone with experience of bigger dogs or knowledge of the breed.

We believe Connie could possibly live with another compatible and friendly dog and older, dog savvy children 16+ but no cats.

Nelly-Well, hello there!

I am Nelly, a venerable and distinguished dame of twelve years,

seasoned in the fine art of companionship. You see, I have spent the last few

years residing in the kennels of RSPCA Southport however the time has come

for me to seek a new abode – one might say a retirement home – where I can

luxuriate in the twilight of my years.

As for sharing my space, I’m afraid I have to insist on being the sole animal in the household. A queen like me needs her castle, after all. 

Permit me to acquaint you with my preferences and idiosyncrasies. My ideal home would be calm and serene, without young children or other pets. I need mature humans – 16 years and older, please, who can appreciate my refined tastes and gentle nature. I may be senior, but I still have plenty of love to give and wisdom to share. I adore cuddles on the settee and gourmet dog treats served (well, you know, just treat me well). 

I’m ready to give you my golden years in return for a lifetime of love so send in a perfect match form to and let us embark on this splendid new chapter together. 



Meet Sebastian - our friendly and confident 6 year old boy looking for a home where he can be spoiled and fussed all day long.

When spending time with him in his pod, he will quite happily come over and politely ask for a fuss by rubbing against you and headbutting you.

He loves coming out of his pod for a wander, so a home with a lovely garden and lots of high up spaces for him to explore would be fantastic.

The way to Sebastian's heart is definitely through food - he loves his treats, which could be a fab way for new owners to build a positive bond with him.


Here at the cattery, we feel that Sebastian could live with a cat-savvy dog that won't chase, and children of a secondary school age who have been around cats before and know to be respectful and take things nice and slow. Sebastian should not go to a home with another cat, as he isn't the biggest fan of any that we have introduced him to in the cattery!

Meet Barbie & Minnie, two 8 week old sisters who are now searching for their purrfect home together! - RESERVED

This beautiful pair have been hand-reared after sadly being found without a mother. Both girls are now super happy, playful girls who love to play & zoom around all day long.

Barbie (Mainly white with black spots) is a very sweet girl who loves playing with toys and zooms around after Minnie. She can often be found rolling around with her little fishy!

Barbie is super cuddly, at night time she likes to rest nuzzled into your neck

Minnie (Black body, white legs) is very adventurous and a little bit more independent then her sister. She enjoys cuddles and is happy to be picked up but doesn't tend to sit on your lap for long. Minnie enjoys soaking up the sun in the living room window (Often pushing the Zebra ornament out of her way).

Barbie & Minnie have been living in a foster home with a another older cat, a dog and two young children. They have really enjoy the attention and hustle and bustle of a family home. With this in mind we feel they could be rehomed with a cat friendly cat (who won't mind them jumping on them-the current resident cat is older and doesn't appreciate this), a cat friendly dog and cat savvy children of any age.

Whoever adopts these gorgeous girl will have two best friends for life, they maybe small but they both have the biggest and most adorable personalities!

To apply please send in a perfect match form to


Meet Rupert - our excitable and friendly 1 year old bullbreed who is now looking for a family to give him a loving forever home!


Rupert loves human interaction, and enjoys going on walks with his human friends, sniffing and meeting new people. He does get quite excited on the lead, so new owners would need to work with him on this.


He loves his food, but is so polite and will even sit for a treat when asked. We have been working on his positive reward based training which he is responding well to. New owners would need to continue this in a home, along with giving him plenty of routine and consistency, to help him continue growing.


A home with plenty of toys and balls would be best for Rupert, as he loves playing in the pool bobbing for balls. He does need a little encouragement at first when playing, but does really enjoy himself once he gets into it.


He can live with dog savvy children 8+ but needs to be the only pet in the household.


To apply for this handsome boy, please send in a completed Perfect Match Form to 


Start your engines and prepare for the purr-fect addition to your family!

These Top Gear kittens are revved up and ready to bring joy to their forever homes. They may start off a bit shy but with a bit of patience, love, and of course treats, they'll soon be zooming around.

Clarkson, May and Hammond have been on an epic tour, testing out the comfiest laps and fastest feather toys. After countless adventures, they're finally looking for their ultimate destination - a loving forever home with you!

This dynamic trio can be rehomed together or separately and can live with other friendly cats or a cat savvy dog who has lived with cats before and wont chase. They can be rehomed with cat savvy children of any age.

Send in a perfect match form today to and let these kittens speed into your homes.




Meet Arthur, the 3-year-old loveable lad who is now looking for his forever home.

He is a confident and very affectionate boy who loves attention. He is quite relaxed in his pod but he is always looking for people to come and pay him attention; he can be quite vocal when he has company! He is very responsive to affection giving head bumps and rubbing against you on your lap.

 He could live with another cat-friendly feline with the appropriate slow introduction.

Arthur can go to a home with a dog who is friendly, laidback and won't chase, as long as a slow and positive introduction is made.

Arthur can be rehomed with children of primary school age and above who are cat savvy, respectful and know to take it nice and slow around Arthur.

If you are interested in Arthur, please send a perfect match form to


Meet our beautiful 1 year old Bonny! Bonny is a medium - large breed.

Bonny is looking for a pet free home and adults only. We have found Bonny to be a nervous girl  who needs time to adjust to her environment.  She is slowly being introduced to new people and quickly making more friends. 

Bonny needs a calm home with a family who will allow her time to adjust and settle. Once she becomes your friend she is a very sweet girl who enjoys sitting with you watching the world go by.




Suki is a sweet British Bulldog who is nearly 4 years old and is now ready to find her fur-ever home!


Suki needs a pet free, adult only home.


Since being in our care Suki has spent most of her time within a foster home.


We have found Suki to be a little timid when meeting new people but soon warms to them. New owners will need to be patience and understanding of Suki.


We are looking for owners who are familiar with the breed and understand their stubborn traits.


Due to her breed, Suki requires her folds being cleaned regularly, along with daily eye drops to keep her eyes moist.


If you can provide Suki with the T.L.C she needs, please apply by sending in a Perfect Match Form to


We’d like everyone to meet Talia, who is our 6 month old, blind and emaciated Staffordshire Bull Terrier crossbreed who is now looking for a home to call hers.
We are looking for a home that has someone around for most of the day as at the moment Talia struggles being left although her foster home is working with her on this. We also feel that due to how much she relies on the resident dog in her foster home, another dog in the home is a must. 
Talia would be best suited to a home without cats.
We also think that Talia's new home would be one with children who are 12 years or above.
Her lack of sight is not something that bothers her and we are hoping that future adopters won’t let it bother them either!
If you are interested in adopting our sweet Talia then please send in a completed perfect match form to

Lolly is a sweet and playful girl who is around 9 months old. She is happy to sit and interact with anyone that comes to her pod.

Lolly is your typical energetic kitten who loves to play and come out of her pod for a run and explore around. 

Lolly is a cat that adores attention and will come running straight towards you when you approach.

Lolly first came to us with bad case of cat flu. She has since recovered and currently shows no signs but new owners need to be aware that this could possibly occur again in the future.
Here at the centre we feel Lolly can be live in a household with children of any age, so long as they are cat savvy, respectful and understand to take it nice and slow with her. 
Lolly can live with another friendly cat and a cat friendly, laidback dog who won't chase.

If you are interested in adopting Lolly, please send in a completed perfect match form to


Meet Patch - our 8 month old kitten who is looking for a patient and understanding forever home.

Patch is a sweet boy who likes company and interaction from his favourite humans, but he is still getting used to hands on affection so can be a little wary and shy at first. Once settled, after a nice and slow greeting, he will say hello and enjoy a stroke.

In new situations, Patch can be quite nervous and unsure, and when he first came to the centre he would hide away under his bed, in his cat carrier or tree. A home with plenty of hiding places, and a seperate room to settle into for the first few weeks would benefit Patch.

We feel that once Patch has settled into his forever home and given the space and patience that he needs to grow, he will turn into such a loving boy - he just needs understanding whilst he gets there!

Patch could live with another calm and friendly cat, and cat-savvy children of secondary school age. No dogs.


Biscuit is our 4 week old cane corso cross who is looking for her forever home

She  is a playful and energetic young pup, who loves to play and is always on the go! She is friendly with everyone that she meets, and really enjoys company, interaction and toys. She needs to be socialized around new people, situations and everyday things in order to help her grow into a well rounded adult dog.

Biscuit can be a little needy, but this isn't surprising due to her not having the best start in her life. She needs patience and consistency to prevent long term separation anxiety.

We would like to have Biscuit as a foster to adopt, so you will have the full support of the foster co-ordinator, Lily, throughout the process.

She is looking for a home where someone is home most of the day, someone with large breed experience and commitment to on going training. 

She could possibly live with another friendly dog or dog savvy cat and dog-savvy children 12+.

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