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Volunteer Recruitment is: OPEN

 Please note that the number of volunteer slots available is determined by use of a roster and you will be expected to keep to your weekly designated slot unless otherwise agreed.

All our volunteers must be aged 18 or over and we prefer that you reside within our catchment area.

Click here to see if your postcode is listed within our catchment area.

The Application Process

We rely upon the dedication and support of our volunteers to assist in the care of our animals. 

To join our team as a volunteer please  Apply Now  by clicking the link.  

A new page will open and it will take you through the application process.

This involves: Volunteer application form & online medical questionnaire.

You will then be sent a further link to complete a number of short online  Health & Safety training courses.

From this point onwards you will be invited into the Animal Centre to meet our Volunteer Coordinator for a short induction.

After this, you are ready to start volunteering! 

We have lots of different voluntary positions available, find what suits you best below!

Practical Animal Care Dogs & Cats
Our Practical animal care volunteers start their day at 8:30/9am. They assist the staff with feeding, cleaning and socialising the animals here at the Centre. You will need to be motivated and reasonably physically fit, as the work can be strenuous.

You will also need to be vaccinated against tetanus.

Some of our volunteers dedicate their time to working in our cattery or kennels, others like to mix it up and do both.

Cat Socialising

Cat Socialing stats from 11am 7 days a week.

Currently we are looking for  volunteers on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday &  Sunday to help in our cattery. This will include grooming cats, playing with kittens-helping them get used to being handled, spending time with our scared nervous cats to help them learn they can trust us humans. 

If you love spending time with cats please apply now.

Dog Walking & Socialising

Dog walking starts from 11:00am onwards everyday!

We are very lucky to have a couple great walking spots right on our door step, we also have 2 paddock areas & a sensory garden on site.

You must also be reasonably physically fit and need to be vaccinated against tetanus.

We have availability on a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday.

Charity shop work
For those that wish to help, but aren't looking to be directly with the animals may find volunteering in our Charity Shop to be the perfect fit.

You can find our shop on Eastbank Street in Southport.

Morning or Afternoon slots are available, 7 days a week.

Work usually involves working on the till, steaming the clothes, pricing and labelling items, sorting items, and changing window displays. On the job training will be given by the shop Manager.


Are you able to hold an event for us, or undertake a sponsored event?

Could you hold a bake sale at school or work?

Could you run a raffle on our behalf? 

Or help plan & run our Summer Dog fair or Christmas fair?

If you have an idea to fundraise for the Animal Centre, please get in contact with our reception team on 

 Please note: You do not need to apply to be a volunteer 

Could you foster an animal?





Volunteer induction & Training

For most roles, you must complete and pass online health and safety courses as indicated below, before attending a further short induction meeting at the Animal Centre (prior to starting as a volunteer.)

Further instructions including links to the online training will be given during the electronic application process.

Practical Animal Care (Cats & Dogs), Dog Walking, Animal Socialising, and Charity Shop roles:

1. General Health & Safety

2. Manual Handling

3. Fire

Support Workers and Carers will also need to complete the full volunteer application process. If several support workers or Carers have been assigned to you, they should all complete the same induction process in order to safely support or care for you whilst fulfilling your voluntary role.

Both you and primary Support Worker / Carer will be invited to the Animal Centre to discuss what sort of support / care you will need to enable you to fulfil the proposed volunteering activities. This discussion will enable our risk assessments to be dynamically tailored to your needs, or may also require the proposed volunteering activities to be varied. 

Please note: All staff & volunteers are required to meet these minimum health and safety requirements to work safely in the center.

What is fostering?

Fostering is the temporary accommodation of animals in a home environment. You do not own the animal, at the end of the fostering period you return the animal back to the us.


Who can foster?

Anyone who can open up their lives & home to care temporarily for animals in need. You must be able to provide a safe environment and be emotionally strong to say good by at the end of the placement. 

How long would I foster for?

The length of time varies from animal to animal. Some maybe short term (a week or two) others a few months. For some of our longest stays it could be a year. 

What's in it for me?

Fostering is of no cost to yourself. We pay for the food, vet bills and any supplies that you require throughout the fostering period. You will offer your home to an an animal in need and help them blossom into an adoptable animal. 


How to become a fosterer?

Send in a completed Perfect Match Application to 

One of our reception team will be in contact to discuss the next steps.

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